MONSTER QUEEN - A Treasure Of Secrets

MONSTER QUEEN - A Treasure Of Secrets

MONSTER QUEEN - A Treasure Of Secrets


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Pages: 156
Published: 2020
ISBN: 978-9975-154-56-7


This is a glorious and outstanding journey, about two princesses. They live with only their mother in a small village called Divia. They have been living a royal and normal life. Their life ultimately changes when a servant who is their precious friend disappears after telling them a secret about the past. These princesses, Angeria and Crystal are determined to find their friend although their mother is reluctant. Angeria and Crystal are generous and kindhearted girls. As the girls try their best to find the servant, Lavinda, they meet several new friends. Among these friends, is a girl called Janelle. Janelle is an orphan who has a heart problem. As soon as the princesses find out, they try to help her get treatment. The more they try to find Lavinda and the more they help Janelle, the closer they get to a treasure of secrets. What will the princesses do after they unlock it all? Will they simply forget about the secrets of their past and move on? Instead, will they forget about their nobility and seek revenge? Let us read to find out more.


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    This is very impressive
    Congs Ariho Comfort

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