About us

“Let’s get lost in a world made of books, coffee and rainy days.”

Our story

Books expand our lives in so many ways. They give us adventures, knowledge, opportunities to discover the world, to dive into a new dimension.  Millions of people love writing and much more enjoy reading – so why not connecting these two and create something beautiful? This was our question a while ago. At that exact moment, we launched our idea of becoming a publisher. Several days later, we opened our company to help aspiring authors realizing their goals.


Company Philosophy

When people interact with our brand, we want them to feel respected, no matter the country, language or background. We would like to be perceived as the publishing house that listens to every author and creates the best suitable publishing path. The name of the company was inspired by the Latin phrase – Sui Generis, which means of our own kind, unique. This relates to our mission – providing publishing services that differentiates us in the market. Our goal is to build a recognizable company, which opens professional opportunities for both, our authors and our employees.


Mission Statement

Our authors can publish their academic or fiction works as printed books and make them available worldwide via diverse well-known distributors and online bookshops. We want to build something that is meaningful and that will change the world somehow. Every time you will go to your personal library, your book will be on the front shelf. You will remember the hard work you put into writing it, the efforts made to research the topic and gather the most essential information. You will remember us as your anchor; the group of people that helped you fulfill your dream – to become an author and publishing your book.


What we offer

Treating customers fairly is our top priority. As we aim to collaborate with authors who already have a publishing experience as well as with fresh voices, we would like to give everyone the chance to publish their works. That is why we came up with diverse services and options to suit every taste and budget. There are 4 different packages available to everyone. We support mainly the Basic package because it is free of charge and authors benefit of advantageous services without any fee.


How to get started?

Whether you want to enquire about our services or discuss a great book idea, feel free to get in touch with us at info@generis-publishing.com and follow us on social networks.